Family Law

Attorney Mayer practices Family Law whereas she has litigated and continues to litigate: Dissolution of Marriages (Divorce) inclusive of military divorces, divorces involving children, property, assets, debts, and alimony (spousal support), child custody and timesharing matters, paternity cases, relocation cases, child support cases, guardianship matters, and Dependency actions.

Attorney Mayer has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the Family Law process from the initial filing of an action, temporary needs hearings, discovery requests, mediation, and trial. She has had great success with achieving favorable child custody (timesharing) for her clients, establishing and defending alimony (spousal support) awards, receiving final judgments properly distributing assets and debts, inclusive of real property in dissolution of marriage cases, and accurately establishing child support awards.

It is imperative for each client to properly understand and fight for their rights and the rights of their family. Attorney Mayer and Sunshine Legal Group LLC is here to help each client grasp a deep understanding of their rights and help them achieve the best possible legal outcome for themselves and their families.